Welcome to the Verde Community Farm and Market!

As the name says, we are a both a market and a community. We operate a farmer’s market located in what is hugely a community in Homestead, a Carrfour Supportive Housing Community. We are home to around 145 formerly homeless community seeking shelter as well as food to put on their table. In return, most able-bodied men and women of the community work tirelessly to provide fresh produce for sale in the market. Our produce attracts a huge crowd from the South Florida communities who are huge health buffs and are fans of a healthier, fresher diet free from chemicals.

Come, step into our Community!

We started working with Carrfour Supportive Housing in 2011, providing innovative housing for homeless families as well as those with disabilities. By ‘innovative’, we mean that our housing units are LEED certified, made as ‘green’ homes, and are situated near a 22-acre farm with a state-of-the-art, highly successful farmer’s market. Being a housing community and a farmer’s market, we are in a unique position to provide supportive services through farming. We are doing this in an established partnership with the Miami-Dade Homeless trust.

We are an Urban Oasis.

The Urban Oasis Project is a program which aims to provide fresh, local food to people who are looking for it. It aims to do this by promoting more food gardens-turned-farms as well as building more farmers’ markets in close proximity to neighborhoods looking for it. In turn, this will bring low-cost food to families and communities in great need of it. The project also promotes a healthier lifestyle along with educating people to make better, healthier choices in regards to their food.