What exactly is a CSA?

Here in the Verde Community Farm, we are a staunch supporter of a system called Community Supported Agriculture. What is it exactly? A CSA is a farming system where volunteers come from the community—a circle of friends, to be exact, whose main goal it is to help the local farm as well as help in the harvest of food. This food comes in the form of produce grown in small, local farms which are then sold on the local market.

There are various caveats to this system. We here at the Verde Community support formerly homeless families by encouraging work for food or work for shelter arrangements. In return, not only do these families have a roof over their heads and food for their table—we also let them partake in the bounty of the farm through fresh produce or a part of the profits from sales.

There is another system we encourage. People can become a member of our CSA by signing up and pledging their support through financial support or volunteering outright. By doing this, people who’ve signed up receive returns of the harvest. Our success is their success—a bountiful harvest yields rewards, while a bad season will give back nothing whatsoever.

Become a member and support the endeavor of formerly homeless families and the Verde Community CSA! Our success is your success. Not only do you get access to fresh, healthy, and safely grown food—you also get to partake in the building of a community and the lives of families getting back on track. It’s a risk, but a worthwhile one at that.